The USAFA Parents Club of Oklahoma is a private organization composed of parents, family, and friends of United States Air Force Academy Cadets from the state of Oklahoma. The Central/Western OK Club is an IRS 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization


The purpose of the USAFA Oklahoma Parents Club is to provide news and support to parents during the time their son or daughter is away from home attending the Air Force Academy or Air Force Academy Prep School.

We are a support and assistance group - supporting each other, our cadets, and of course, the Academy's efforts on behalf of our cadets.

We also provide information and encouragement to parents of prospective cadets and Appointees. We share a great deal of pride in our sons and daughters for their commitment to serving our country.

Members receive or have the opportunity to participate in all items or events listed below.

  • Appointee orientation for parents (Doolie Send-Off Luncheon)
  • Parents Weekend information
  • Treat Boxes for your cadet (Finals Weeks)
  • Firstie (Senior) graduation gift
  • Lasting friendships
  • All-Academy Military Ball in December
  • Club Website

Visit often to find out about upcoming and exciting events for USAFA cadets and families. Send a few of your cadet or family pictures so we can share them and get to know one another better.

Go Falcons!

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